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anna your gay... listen to my poem

anna you are gay....

gay as in GAY,
Flaming, flaming fire that burns
oh how you are gay (and you like it)

I saw you at Barns and Noble looking at the gay magazines
you are totally gay...

where are you anna,
oh wait it is gay day at disney
you are marching down in the parade with your butch girlfriend
cause you are gay

gay, flamer.
you are as gay as a blow torch..

even a male supermodel would look straight standing next to you
your braces arnt fooling anyone...
12 year olds can be gay too

thats ok, i dont descriminate, i like nubians, so why cant i like you?
cause your gay. you wear the rainbow proudly

go and sail away on your sailboat with a gay flaming fag (i mean flag) as a sail.
sail to the uncharted gay waters.
where gay fish swim freely
you favorite cartoon is Big Gay Al from southpark
cause he lives in a Big Gay House with all his big gay animals
and your butch girlfriend dosnt mind.

anna, you are gay. and do you know why? cause you like the shocker.
2 in the pink, one in the stink and the massuse!

gay, gay, gay, anna is gay.
Hurry hurry hurry, your late for the show @ cold Keg!!!
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