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dont go wild

Mama always has these contrived interludes with celebrities. She'll talk about justin and britney's split with the same intensity that she speaks of my sisters fiance losing his work visa and going back to canada. I think I give Mama such a hard time because I'm afraid of becoming her.We all become our parents on small levels.


I never cared for celebrity nerds on a small level, however hip, like carlton from fresh prince or screech from saved by the bell. Yet, take the pinnacle of celebrity nerd, young steve urkell, and I reel hook line and sinker to asking people why that laura bitch wouldnt date him. Later on, he'd make a machine to destroy everything good about him and become Stephan. The super fly red spectacles, the high waters, and his infinite wealth of math names. Much Later on, he'd fade into that character. Then he grew too old to switch it up, and family matters waltzed from cancellation to syndication. Magically, young steve urkell lives again.

But it's only television.

Then there's the lois lane phenomenon. Here we have this vexing woman, with this rare disorder where when you take your glasses off you become a stranger. It also seemed strange that shed rex over a man in tights than some guy that actually knows her. Volumes could be written on her vast lack of common sense among other things. If I were clark dating lois, one of us would be hanging by a cape.

SO I am the pot. Mama walks in talking about american idol. And I tell her what a black kettle she is.

go metric.
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